Form a Galileo discussion group?

by Kerry Magruder

Want a painless way to learn a little more about Galileo and his world?

One accessible starting point is Stillman Drake, Galileo: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford).

Why not create a weekly brownbag or discussion group to read it through with some friends or colleagues? Download the discussion guide, which is designed to lead you through Drake’s little book in eight 50-minute sessions, discussing 1 chapter at a time, only about 15-20 pages per session.

Stillman Drake, Galileo: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford) Discussion guide for Stillman Drake, Galileo: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford)

The discussion guide also includes a timeline and suggested resources for diving deeper with further reading and online videos.

Timeline in Discussion Guide Bibliography in Discussion Guide

Send feedback to or leave a comment on this post. With some future iteration of this pdf, we will divide the Discussion guide, the Timeline, and the Dive Deeper sections for separate distribution through multiple channels. For now they are combined into a single document for more convenient frequent revision.

Note: The guide will be updated and expanded on occasion, so be sure and check back with some regularity.

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