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Galileo's World logoOpen Educational Resources (OER’s) are free learning resources that may be shared, customized and reused. To see the

1.  Exhibit website – Explore the exhibit website, which works on all digital devices. Click the Events tab to follow Galileo’s World opportunities on campus. Click the Location tab to learn where the more than 20 differently-themed galleries are. Mark favorite items, construct a personalized itinerary, and plan your visits. Jump to digitized versions of the books in the digital library, read their descriptions in the online catalog, and explore further links.

Exhibit website

Note: The captions on this website are written for the casual visitor walking through the exhibit for the first time. For educational use, supplement it with the resources below.

2.  Exhibit Guide – With over 1,000 pages of information and over 6,000 images, this iBook is the most complete source of content for the Galileo’s World exhibition, designed for educators, group leaders, classes, and individual study beyond the first walk-through. Like the exhibit website, this guide interlinks all 20 galleries of the Galileo’s World exhibition for 7 different locations, covering about 350 rare books. Captions are roughly twice as long as at the exhibit website. Use this Exhibit Guide to plan pre-visit or post-visit activities, to explore more deeply during a visit, or remotely to enjoy a virtual tour with your feet up in an easy chair. This enhanced iBook works on all Apple devices (Mac and iOS) with the free iBooks app installed.

iBook Exhibit Guide

3.  OU Lynx Educational Repository: Most educational resources may be accessed at the Lynx Educational Repository. Formats include “Card sets” and “Learning Leaflets.” The latter are brief learning activities, often extracted or abbreviated from the Exhibit Guide, designed to be useful in a variety of teaching situations. Learning Leaflets contain abbreviated text juxtaposed with intriguing images to provoke reflection and discussion. Each of these OERs are “small pieces loosely joined,” adaptable to support lessons in multiple subject areas and age levels. Each Learning Leaflet consists of a two-page pdf to print front-and-back on a single sheet of paper.

They are organized according to seriesexhibit gallery, and subject. Use the tags to search through what might be useful to you in your teaching and learning context.

Learning Leaflet, frontLearning Leaflet, back

Other miscellaneous learning resources will be posted here at the oulynx.org blog. Some examples:

These OER’s are bookmarked in the top-right corner of the OU Lynx blog under “Educational Resources.” Follow the blog to stay up-to-date with the latest OER development.

4.  Galileo’s World iTunes U Course – A 4-week course allows you to more leisurely digest the vast amount of material included in the Galileo’s World Exhibit Guide. This works on iOS devices with the free iTunes U app installed. It links to related sources online and in the iBookstore.

Have comments or suggestions about Galileo’s World OER’s? Want to join in the development? Email us at oulynx@ou.edu.

Exhibit website | Exhibit Guide | iTunes U Course | OU Lynx Educational Repository